The Church – the Noah of our Present Age

The Church – the Noah of our Present Age

Wrtten by Jonathan Loo on 28 August 2022

“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.”

Ro 1:24

Since the nation’s independence, the government of Singapore has been supporting and encouraging the cultivation of traditional family institutions, because it believes that a vibrant society is a stronghold of a stable and prosperous nation, and healthy families are the foundation of a vibrant society. 

Nonetheless, in the past decades, the homosexual movement has come out of the dark and become the limelight of our society. It came out of its hiding place and is fighting to get into the mainstream. A false sense of superiority displaces shame, it even extols itself with its unnatural sexual relations, and attempts to destroy the human relations ordained by God through altering the education of the nation. 

In the current social, political, and economic environment it is regrettable that our government has no choice but to allow the repeal of the 377A penal code. No doubt this will place the churches in inescapable challenges. Let us not doubt God’s ability to stop the repeal, knowing that He was giving sinners over to their own depraved choices(Ro 1:24).  We ought to trust that God by His faithfulness will protect and preserve the church in the fiery arrows of the movement, because God has assured us, “as your days so shall your strength be” (Deut 33:25).

The church ought to be exceptionally vigilant at this critical time. We can draw lessons aptly from the time of Noah, with which we share commonalities, such as advancing technologies, material abundance and prosperity. As the proverb says, a comfortable and worry-free life is a cradle for lust. The wickedness of Noah’s generation was so great that God decided to blot out man from the face of the earth.     

Besides keeping vigilance, the church ought to carry out God’s commission for her with an uncompromisable determination and attitude. First, we ought to cultivate the mind of Noah, he remained faithful to the Lord to the end, and did all that the Lord commanded him with no second thought. He built an incredible ark during the days of fine weather and was mocked and slandered, just as we do as we preach the gospel of judgment and forgiveness of sin in Singapore today. But Noah kept on building the ark for 120 years, through which the message of judgment and repentance was being preached unceasingly.

Secondly, the church ought to hold up the Bible and preach forth God’s message for this age, in particular, to pass on the baton of faith prudently to the next generation. As Noah saw the coming of judgment flood of God, we too ought to see that the great and horrendous ultimate judgment is imminent.

Just as God gave the people of Noah’s time a grace period of 120 years, we ought to be mindful that the days of God’s favour might not be much longer. Things will happen according to God’s schedule and plan. We ought to pray for us and the churches vigorously. May the Holy Spirit fill us, kindle us, and add to us the ability and courage to be the Noah of our time, live for Christ and preach the Gospel of redemption on the cross! 


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