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Contemplative Reading& Praying – Truth Baptist Church

Contemplative Reading& Praying

From the desk of Rev Zheng 24 March 2024

        ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’ (John 15:5)

        God s love for mankind has never changed, even though sin has taken away man’s love for God. God has sent Jesus Christ to restore in His purchase the abundant life hidden in Christ.

        Contemplative prayer is immersing oneself in Christ’s presence, confiding in Him, listening to Him, receiving His consolation, and enjoying the great satisfaction and empowerment that comes from experiencing the reality of His divine presence. In other words, contemplative prayer is the lifeline of our new life in Christ.

        Contemplative prayer begins with opening the Bible. Then let your soul prostrate before God, your heart open to His love, and your mind meditate on His words, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you into the presence of Christ. Be still. Read and mediate the passage repeatedly and speak with the Lord continuously.

        However, one needs to desire to know God before he can meet God. This is because our faith is not a set of moral standards or a righteous force. Our faith is fundamentally a loving relationship with God.  King David panted for God as a deer panted for streams of water. Apostle Paul was willing to forgo all things in exchange for the knowledge of Christ. Indeed, we are saved by God with a love as strong as the mighty flame of a blazing fire and as rich as the nectar of pomegranates (Song 8:6)!

        Love needs to be pursued. A person who truly loves the Lord will not only yearn for the Beloveds company but also a deeper knowledge of Him. Just as Paul deemed knowing Christ as the utmost treasure, Mary would sit at the Lords feet to listen to His sermon. Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath. Intimacy with Him gives us unspeakable satisfaction, peace and joy. When that happens, the successes and failures in the world could have no place in our hearts.

        Why do we avoid the Lord at times? Well, one reason is that we are completely naked before Him and every hidden sin will be exposed before our eyes. But this is precisely the place to start mortifying die-hard sins. The holiness of Christ would compel us to cast away our pride and remorse for our sins.

        My dear holy brethren, in the long run, contemplative reading and praying help us discern who we are following and whose voice we are listening to. Let us make this our daily exercise. Now is the Good Friday period, see you at Golgotha to contemplate Christ in the crimson fountain.   


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