Be Phone-Smart with your Smartphone

Be Phone-Smart with your Smartphone

Written by Rev Zheng, translated by Ho Shiao Hong

        “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” Col 3:5  

        Smartphones are the product of modern civilization. Today, much of our life takes place on the phone. The phone can be a blessing or a curse – it all depends on how perceptive and determined we are.

        In the first place, we must remember that businesses sell smartphones for the purpose of growing profit. Naturally, it becomes a door to sin. Many people, whether young or old, men or women, inch towards this door and in their moment of weakness, slip into the deep abyss of deception and lust; and cannot get out.

        The ultra-stimulation of phones is extremely distracting. We are supposed to focus on our responsibilities and goals, like our studies, our job, our children, etc. but our attention gets scattered. Eventually, we squander our education, lose our scholarship, slack in our job, and our children get hurt, etc. We who are Christians also get distracted from answering God’s call. We do not love the Lord with our whole heart. We do not hold fast to holiness. The lack of self-control leads to distraction; distraction, obsession; and obsession, greed. And greed is idolatry! Do you not see? Be wise, or be trapped by your smartphone.

        There are 3 small steps we can take to break free from the bondage of the phone. These were from the sermon last week:

        1) Do not sleep with your phone.

        2) When you wake up, do not reach for your phone first. Instead, say a simple prayer to God: Dear God, thank You for keeping me safe through the night. Please help me to live this day in a kingdom way, and to please You in all I think and do and say. Amen.

        3) Do not bring your phone to the dining table. Instead, interact with and care for your family during the meal.

Do not underestimate these 3 steps. If you can cultivate these 3 habits, you will realize that you are starting to be a master of your phone. Then you can make even more changes by the Holy Spirit. Do not think that you can rely on your own strength. Every spiritual battle can only and will surely be won by the Holy Spirit. This is spiritual wisdom.

        Christian parents must start with themselves to take these 3 simple steps. This too is spiritual wisdom.

        Israel had a king more infamous than Judas Iscariot. His name is Jeroboam. To fortify his power, Jeroboam built 2 golden calves for Israel to worship. As a result, generations of Israelite men and women fell into the trap of idolatry. In the books of Kings, you will keep reading this phrase, “[so and so] followed the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he had caused Israel to commit”. Each time the Bible mentions the grave sin of Jeroboam, he is called the “son of Nebat”. Evidently, God also held Nebat responsible for the sin of Jeroboam, his son, and judged him for it. 

        So, Christian parents, for the sake of the next generation, we must first cultivate the good habits of being phone-smart with your smartphone. Lead the children whom God has given you, by the Word of God and the power of the Spirit, to fulfill our cultural mandate!


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