As One Man for the Gospel Rally

As One Man for the Gospel Rally

Written by Rev Zheng on 2 October 2022

29 October is the day our church hold her second gospel rally. The first was held in July, 2008 at the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road.  This time we will be renting the hall of Singapore Life Church. Our speaker is Pastor James Yost, the American missionary in Papua of Indonesia. The topic is “It’s Now or Never!”

Early this year when the Mission Committee presented the Gospel Rally to the EXCO, we were not sure whether the COVID-19 restriction order will be removed by October. However, as it seems to be a good and noble and beautiful thing to do, and as the bible says, “take thought for what is noble in the sight of all.” (Ro 12:17)  so we began to pray for this noble thing.

By August, the venue for the rally is firmed up, the planning committee is set up, and the planning and organizing work commence in great vigor. The committee is chaired by bro Yongjie and bro Nghee Huat and comprises 19 members.

To provide you and your guests opportunity to catch up with one another, the church will provide free bento box dinner before the rally begins. To encourage you to follow up with your guests after they have heard the Gospel, there will be simple tea reception after the rally. As you offer your guests a cup of coffee and some finger food, brothers and sisters could get to know them.  

 “When the seventh month came and the Israelites had settled in their towns, the people assembled together as one in Jerusalem.”

Ezra 3:1

All the people came together as one in the square before the Water Gate. They told Ezra the teacher of the Law to bring out the Book of the Law of Moses, which the Lord had commanded for Israel.”

Neh 8:1

These two passages show us that when the returning Jews offered the rebuilt altar and the repaired wall of Jerusalem to Him, His Spirit bound them together with repentance and gratitude as one man zealous for His temple and yearning for His words, and they were revived, and the nation rejuvenated. 

Therefore, we decided to begin our work with prayer. Some YAFers helped design a beautiful prayer network for everyone to participate, as an individual or as a family, to pray for one another’s guests. As soon as you pass your guest’s name to sis Catherine, someone will be praying for your guest every week.

Then we printed a wall poster for internal publicity, and invitation cards for the guests. They are designed by a young brother and displayed at the entrance of the church.

Now we need to keep track of the numbers of attendees to ensure orderliness on that day. A simple e-form will be put in place for you to fill in the number of people coming with you, and the number of people requiring dinner. (Don’t forget to count yourself in!)

Brothers and sisters, have you collected the prayer cards and the invitation cards? Have you started inviting your family and friends? May the Holy Spirit bind us together as one man with the love of God and set us ablaze for the Gospel rally!


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