12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

Excerpt from the book by Tony Rineke

        “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” Col 3:1  

        We are called to be a holy people and a royal priesthood for the eternal God who has saved us from eternal death with the redemption blood of His Son. Satan’s tactic is to distract us from this call. it redirects our passion to the phone, turning us into a lethargic army of God. Can we stand up to this time? Dear saints, I recommend this book for you to read. We’ve got a copy of it in the library and two in the bookstall. Read it with a humble heart and pray for the Holy Spirit to set you free. The Spartan mothers told their sons who were going to war with the invincible Greek army, “Come back with your shield – or on it” And the 300 Spartans stood at Thermopylae and fought to death. The eve before they died, they sent a message home, “Tell the Spartans we have behaved as they would wish us to and buried there.” Dear brothers and sisters, are you able to say in view of death, “Tell Jesus I have behaved as He would wish me to”?   Let us pick up the Gospel shield and lift up the sword of the Spirit and stand up to the battle of this time, and fight to the end. — by Rev Zheng

1. We are addicted to distraction. Our phones amplify our addiction to distractions.

2. Our phones splinter our perception of our place in time. We lose our place in time.

3. Our phones push us to evade the limits of embodiment. We ignore our flesh and blood.

4. Our phones cause us to treat each other harshly. We become harsh to one another.

5. We crave immediate approval. Our phones feed our craving for that.

6. We fear missing out. Our phones promise to hedge against our fear of missing out.

7. Our phones undermine key literary skills. We lose our literacy.

8. Because of our lack of discipline, our phones make it increasingly difficult for us to identify ultimate meaning. We lose meaning.

9. Our phones offer us a buffet of produced media. We feed on the produced.

10. Our phones tempt us to indulge in visual vices. We get comfortable in secret vices.

11. Our phones overtake and distort our identity. We become like what we ‘like’.

12. Our phones tempt us towards unhealthy isolation and loneliness. We get lonely.


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