The Journey of Our Little Olive Tree – Truth Baptist Church

The Journey of Our Little Olive Tree – Truth Baptist Church

2024受难节 (3)

Written by Rachel Lee, principal 

    It was indeed God’s mercy and grace when we first approached Presbyterian Preschool Services in September 2022 to explore the possibility for Truth Baptist Church to venture into the preschool ministry with them and they said yes to us. Many discussions and meetings quickly followed. We spared no time gathering people to work – from renovating the premises, interviewing staff, setting up the centre, preparing for an open house, and submitting for licensing.

    On 30th Dec 2022, one day before we opened the school gates to receive the children, we finally received the notification for our license approval from ECDA. Six months later, we started our Infant Care. Today we are expanding the capacity to take in more infants.

    For many of us, the first day of school was a moment of great joy.  We received our first batch of children, 17 in total, aged 2 to 6. We had our first school assembly led by a teacher where we sang praises and said a prayer with all the children. And today, we have 35 children and infants from 3.5 months old to 6 years old. We also embraced children with mild special needs, providing them with an inclusive environment where they, too, can enjoy learning in a normal classroom setting. Our education support teacher is well-trained and she works closely with parents and teachers to plan and facilitate attainable milestones for each child.

    There are indeed many challenges that we face day in and day out, but we walked through each of them with lots of support and prayers from brothers and sisters. We thank God for gathering all of us to work on His calling of bringing little children to Him, blessing them with the word of God and the values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the early years of their childhood. We have held on to our conviction and God, in His faithfulness, provided us with Christian teachers who are devoted to putting God’s words into action and being role models for the children.

    We will continue to draw our confidence from trusting the Lord and Saviour and march on with perseverance. We pray that God helps us continue the good work He started for us so that we may be a blessing to many more children, parents and teachers. The Little Olive Tree is a precious inheritance that God has bestowed on us. Let us remain faithful to this calling and entrust this ministry to God in one heart as we embark on another year, as well as many more years ahead.  


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