The Accent of My Heart, Dedicate to My Heavenly Father!

The Accent of My Heart, Dedicate to My Heavenly Father!

A song of adoration written out of a contemplative prayer, by Alvin Ong 

My Father in Heaven,

   My oblivion is released and my true self is 


   Your Word is my Truth.

   My root, my home is from above, why 

          should I let it grow to earth?

   My gratitude, my praises and my thanks,

   they are all reserved solely for You.

   Your Word is my flesh,

   Your Spirit is my soul,

   I sing the song of praises just for You!

My God, my Father,

   Your Phrase, Your Way and Your Grace are 

          my solace,

   they repair the deplore heart and they 

          spare the deprave deed. 

   In my spiritual ill, these are my miracle pill.

Oh my infidelity heart,

   be still and receive morality from the 


   conceiving the bond that you have with

          Him from the day you are conceived!

   Do good in His orders, submit to His 


   for you have once grieved His Heart and 

          made Him sad.

Oh dear heart,

   thankful you are not His reprobate,

    Father has removed the obdurate to keep 

          you all awake!

   Implore Him, oh my heart,

   ask for His forgiveness today,

   purify yourself each day, seek His Holiness 

          every single day.

   Let no sensual satisfy you, enjoy not the 

          pleasure of your youth,

   lest you may blind and lost the Shield.

   Jesus may I come to You, lift me up from this 

          rupture soon,

   for I dream your Rapture too!

Dear my heart,

   You would say, Jesus not here many days,

   I say He may come today,

   Christ says He will come any day, you shall 

          prepare the Advent every day.

My Lord, my Father,

   I come again, I plead you all over once 


   Hold me dearly till that day, cause I yearn to 

          see you face to face!

Your beloved child, in Christ, Alvin. 


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