Signs of Living to Please God

Signs of Living to Please God

2 July 2023 Written by Rev Zheng

By Richard Baxter,

Make sure you base your life on God’s blessing since that is what you need most and what will satisfy you, as you can see from these indicators.    

1) You’ll learn the Bible diligently to learn what pleases and displeases God.

2) You will take greater care in carrying out every duty so that it pleases God rather than people.

3) You will examine your intentions, thoughts, and the depth and manner of your internal behaviour, not just your actions.

4) You’ll consider taking on both public and private tasks, as well as things that people see and things that people don’t.

5) When your conscience informs you of God’s displeasure, it will disturb you; when it informs you of his approval, it will reassure you. You will honour your consciences, have much to do with them, and not belittle them.

6) Your efforts to please mankind should be benevolent for their benefit and religious in order to please God, rather than being arrogant and ambitious to win their respect or impious to displease God.

7) You will think that, in light of God’s judgment, whether or not men are pleased or dissatisfied with you, how they perceive you, or what they refer to you, is a small matter to you. Your well-being does not depend on them.  If God is just pleased, you can put up with their disapproval, criticism, and reproaches. These will be your credentials.


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