Our District Care – Truth Baptist Church

Our District Care – Truth Baptist Church

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—by Rev.Zheng

         “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household” Eph 2:19

The church is God’s household. Believers caring for one another graciously as members of God’s big family is a beautiful mark of a true church. Such care is the fibre of the community of faith in which our children grow up. In a time when people are becoming care-less towards one another, such good and pleasant community life is a powerful testimony of the Gospel.

Lately, the Lord has impressed upon the hearts of a number of brothers and sisters the desire to serve more in the church. With gratitude and confidence, the church embarks on her 17th year of pilgrimage. It has been 13 years since we implemented the district care system.

We are working towards having elders watch over every fellowship group. This structure will allow believers to receive complete and consistent teachings and support from the fellowship group. They also receive personal guidance and admonition from the fellowship group’s overseeing elders and deacons. Right from the beginning, our vision is to have every believer grow up in the fellowship group.

District care does not displace pastoral care. The District Care will focus on connecting believers living in the proximity. Better a neighbour nearby than a relative far away (Pro 27:10). For example, when a child of a nearby member’s family forgets to bring housekey, you may offer your house as a resting place for him to do his homework so that he does not have to linger around; you can offer the love of Christ to a sick member by bringing over a simple meal; on weekends a few of you may bring your children and gather at the nearby park for a picnic, or at a nearby ice-cream parlour for an ice-cream treat; even better, you may also have joint family worship and thus help one another setup family altar. District Care allows members of different ages to be connected.

This year, we have 7 district groups under the care of 7 district leaders.  When you change the address, arrangements will be made to transfer you to the new District Care group. If you have been a regular worshipper here in the past three months and are willing to learn to be a disciple of Christ in Truth Baptist Church, please talk to me. We will be most happy to include you in our district care.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Gospel Fellowship Meeting will be held at each district on 14 September. What bonding can be more beautiful than one fostered through proclaiming Christ and the Gospel of forgiveness of sin?!  May the Lord bless each district with godly bonding!


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