Our Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting

28 May 2023

        “But all things should be done decently and in order.” 1Cor 14:40

        It is time to hold the AGM for year 2022. We are to adhere to the requirements set forth by the Registry of Societies, while not to neglect the proprieties of Christians. May the Lord help us to conduct the meeting in orderliness, for He is an orderly God.

        Members have taken the membership pledge together at the anniversary service of the church in March this year. Attending AGM is the duty of every member, it is to show your care and concern for the church. Therefore, come to the AGM and understand the church’s financial status, key ministry, executive committee members, and what you can do or ought to do for the church to develop according to God’s will. 

        Our constitution stipulated that baptized believers are admitted into the church as a member only when he/she is invited by the church to join as member, and has completed the membership course, and has taken the membership pledge. Members who have reached 21 years old (by birth month) and have attended at least 50% of Sunday services during the period May 2022 to April 2023 (not counting late attendance), will have voting right in the meeting today. Voting members will be given a green voting card when you report in person for the meeting later.

        Today we will also approve the appointment of the following nine EXCO members:

  1. Rev Zheng Biqing (65 years old)
  2. Elder Jonathan Loo (62 years old)
  3. Elder Tang Yongjie (57 years old)
  4. Elder Li Huan (49 years old)
  5. Elder Henry Luo (46 years old)
  6. Elder Wang Yadong (45 years old)
  7. Deacon Jenny Yu  (53 years old)
  8. Deacon Han Jen Li (52 years old)
  9. Deacon Tang Sue Wei (44 Years old)

        Today we will have our usual lunch fellowship right after Sunday service. All members please go to #06-36 after you have taken your lunch. The financial reports are made available for you to read before the meeting. Even though the meeting is set to start at 12:45pm, we will commence the meeting once the quorum is reached. Regular non-member who has attended Sunday service regularly may attend the meeting by invitation of a member. May all glory be to God! 


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