Come, Let Us Take the Pledge Together

Come, Let Us Take the Pledge Together

Writen by Elder Tang Yongjie 12 March 2023

Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25

A Christian’s life is not only a life before God, but also a life amid the church he attends. Hence, the teaching that a believer need not attend church is wrong. In fact, when we decide to join a church as her member, it means we are willing to be committed to each other through regular fellowship, mutual help in learning the truth and serving God, etc. And this is what our church membership pledge is all about.

The pledge sums up a life all members approve of. It outlines how we ought to live just as our declaration of faith outlines what we believe. The pledge points to a life that God expects His children to live.

As a church is a group of believers led by Christ and committed to each other, its membership pledge bears the following characteristics. 

Firstly, the pledge is made towards God, the church we attend, as well as ourselves, which indicates our devotion to God, commitment to church, and dedication in the pursuit of holiness.

Secondly, it is a statement of our ethical perspective. The pledge is an application of our worldview in everyday life. It teaches us to love and account for each other based on our common understanding of the bible. Hence, each church may draft its own membership pledge according to its situation.

Thirdly, the pledge is a set of moral standards. To put it simply, as church members, we strive to lead a life of holiness as Christians ought to. Hence we hope to help brothers and sisters turn away from sins through honest teaching and admonishment. When situations arise, a set of biblical standards pledged by all are needed to make the right decision. The pledge is therefore crucial for the establishment and execution of a church’s biblical discipline.

If you wish to grow as Christ’s disciple under the pastoral care of Truth Baptist Church, agree that the church is accountable for you, and have been baptized, you ought to take this pledge.  To be “accountable for” means that the church will keep watch over your spiritual life and growth according to God’s will and commands.

Come, let us take this pledge together on our church’s anniversary to review and reform our church life. Brothers and sisters, are you willing?


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